Anal How To: The Classiest manual for Anal Sex

When you think of anal sex you don’t think about high class or anything but the word crude. This isn’t the case with Erotic Flow’s book “Arouse her Anal Ecstasy”. Nothing about this book is crass or rude in any way. What it is, is a guide book for practical methods to teaching partners how to preform the skills necessary to bring the most pleasure to the act of anal sex.

Erotic Flow presents the information in simple instructions from beginner to more advanced with tips and guides written with the most tasteful vocabulary and the highest prestige to the topic. There is no reason to be ashamed while reading this comprehensive guide the the joys and wonder of anal sex.

While some books might be in the business for pure kink Erotic Flow’s “Arouse her Anal Ecstasy” is actually informational and descriptive without being uncouth to the timid reader. To many people shy away from the topic too quickly due to unwarrented feelings of taboo. Erotic Flow wants to shed some light on the topic and bring it to the world with understanding and communication.

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