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Female with Female Toys

Ladies, you can do everything as instructed; all you need to do during Night Six and Seven is to use a strap-on holster with a vibrating dildo. You can start with a small vibrating dildo and work your way up to bigger sizes if desired. You can also perform the activities in Chapter Five. Here is an option for the holster, Strap-on Harness Adjustable Universal Adult Sex Toy with 3 Different Sized O-Rings Suction Cup Dildo Compatible Harness , or this holster with multi-penetration for the woman wearing the harness, The Strap-on Dildo 3 Removable Silicone Dildos with Harness.

For vibrating dildos, you can start with a five-inch dildo like this one, California Exotics Shower Stud Super Stud. Then, add a bigger size. Here is a seven inch option, 7″ Vibrating Heated Dildo with Remote Control. Go even bigger if you like, this one is 8.6 inches, heats up, swings, and thrusts, Realistic Dildo Telescopic Heating Vibrating Dildo, Powerful Swinging Thrusting Dildo. With all of the options available to you online, you both will enjoy amazing orgasms!


You can do the process by yourself; all you need is the toys to replicate the licking, sucking, and Grooves For Her technique. Here is a toy option for licking, The Tongue Vibrator with Clit Tickler for G-spot & Clitoral Stimulation, and here is a toy for licking and sucking, Doc Johnson Classic – The Fist; it resembles the appropriate hand shape better. Along with the toys you want to use from Chapter Four, you can enjoy amazing anal orgasms on your own.
Additional Anal Sexuality Resources, an online magazine dedicated to sex education, released an article titled “Anal Orgasm—the Back Door to Heaven.” The author of the article, Mariah Freya, founder of Beducated and sex and orgasm coach, states not only that anal orgasms are real but also that she herself enjoys them. She says, “Today, when the urge and desire for anal sex arises, I turn into an animal. I now set aside my ego and let the wild side in me rule the show. I moan deeper, I move stronger, and I breathe like a bull. The anal orgasm sensation is like sensual steam that rises to the roof. It is a clap of thunder that comes from deep below and ascends. An anal orgasm is earth-shaking, profound, and exquisite.”

Yahoo’s Lifestyle section also issued an article in July 2015 called “The 12 Types of Orgasms—What They Are & How to Have Them.” The article states that for many women, anal intercourse feels fantastic.

Anal Sex Health Research


Many times couples do not have the time to select the best music to set the mood for a hot and passionate encounter with their lover. It takes time to look for the best music, to sequence it right, to set up music that will deliver a specific vibe that you want, so you two can flow together just right. Whether you want the vibe to be sensual, passionate, romantic, erotic, or a combination, it takes a lot of time to have a large collection to keep things new and exciting. I have done the work for you! I have been collecting music to enhance the experience of flow since 1992. To have different sexual vibes and without having to invest the time to collect and sequence a large selection songs, I compiled music playlists for you at

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