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All the links from the ebook are provided below. Not all the content surrounding the links is provided just enough to give the links context.

Women Orgasm More Frequently With Anal Sex

The Gender Orgasm Gap (*source for statement in bold).

National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior.

Variety Leads to More People Reaching Climax

AskMen Magazine Women Who Have Anal Sex More Likely to Orgasm., A Human Sexuality Professor Believes Anal Sex Could Help Close the Orgasm Gap. Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, LELO ”sexpert” and NYU professor of human sexuality states, “Yes, I think anal play can play an important role in closing the orgasm gap, but only if done right.

Anal Orgasms Do Happen

Women’s Health magazine published two articles on anal orgasms with similar titles, “Yes, Anal/Butt Orgasms Are Real: Here’s How to Have One,” one in January 2016 and the other in August 2018.

Healthline magazine published an article in November 2019 called “5 Types of Orgasms and How to Get One or More.”

PJurLove, which produces sexual lubricants, presented an article in July 2018 titled “Anal Orgasms—Myth or Reality?”, “All the Ways Women Can Orgasm Besides Touching Their Clits,” is an online American women’s magazine that positions news and politics alongside articles about beauty, celebrities, and fashion trends. In 2016, the magazine reached 50 million monthly readers. In April 2015, it distributed an article titled, “Are Anal Orgasms Real? Hell Yes, and Here Are 6 Ways to Get There.” In the article, a sex education author and an adult film actress addressed the topic.

The first author, Patricia Johnson, co-author of Partners in Passion, Great Sex Made Simple, Tantra for Erotic Empowerment, and The Essence of Tantric Sexuality, states the following: “Whatever your gender, the anus, and rectum are part of your sexual apparatus; the nerves and musculature are connected, and anal, rectal, and perineal stimulation all affect the genitals, both directly and indirectly. In women, anal penetration stimulates the erectile tissue in the lower part of the vagina and the G-spot.”

The second author, Jillian Janson, an adult film actress, states, “Yes, it’s possible, because I get them all the time! It usually is an extremely intense feeling. So it’s really amazing having anal sex since there are multiple ways you can get pleased!” Jenny Block, author of O Wow: Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm, writes, “Some of the very best orgasms that women report are called blended orgasms. That’s when there is vaginal and anal penetration, as well as clitoral stimulation. There are all kinds of serious nerve endings in the anus.”

Anal Orgasms Are More Intense

Many women that have anal orgasms state that they are extremely powerful and can even be more powerful than vaginal orgasms. Women can have anal orgasms from anal sex alone, though additional stimulation to other erogenous zones will enhance the orgasm experience.

A study conducted in 1982 by Bohen, Held, Sanderson, and Ahlgren titled The Female Orgasm: Pelvic Contractions, found that women have stronger contraction pressure from anal orgasms than vaginal orgasms (displayed in the chart below)., an innovative company that makes a “smart vibrator” that provides biofeedback data during use, has tested the intensity of a vaginal orgasm versus an anal one. The vibrator syncs to a phone app and provides data on the strength of an orgasm so users can track and improve their experiences. Co-founder and CEO Liz Klinger wrote an article in February 2019 entitled, “I DPed (double penetration) Myself to Prove that Asses and Vaginas do the Same Thing During Orgasm.” As the title implies, she tested both orgasms and determined that both had the same pattern of contractions, although the anal orgasm had much stronger contractions.

Health Line Magazine published an article in December 2016 titled “Does Anal Sex Have Any Benefits?” The article states, “Anal orgasms can be intense! That’s because the anus is packed with loads of sensitive nerve endings, some of which are connected to the genitals. And that’s not all! For ciswomen (assigned female at birth), anal sex can hit two hotspots: the G-spot and A-spot. Both are located along the vaginal wall but can be indirectly stimulated during anal. These spots have the potential to produce FULL-BODY orgasms. Rubbing them just right may even lead to female ejaculation, and the phenomenon referred to as ‘squirting.’ Yes, please!”

The Physiology of Anal Pleasure published an article in March 2019, titled “Anal Orgasms Are Real- Here’s How to Have One.” The article explains how anal orgasms happen. An anal O is the result of sexual stimulation of the nerves in and around the anus. “The anus is packed with nerves, especially the incredibly erogenous pudendal nerve—which connects to the clitoris,” Megwyn White, director of education at online sex toy retailer Satisfyer, tells Health. The pudendal nerve carries sensation to and from your perineum, reaching your vagina, vulva, and anus.

In a similarly titled article “Butt Orgasms Are REAL, Here’s How to Have One,Women’s Health Magazine provides another explanation on how anal orgasms happen. “The clitoris is shaped like a wishbone, and for many women, the clitoris extends down to the anus. During anal penetration, you’re also stimulating the clitoral legs. An anal orgasm happens through indirect stimulation of a woman’s G-spot through the wall shared between the vagina and rectum.

With all this stimulation going on, your chances of having an intense orgasm are good. In addition to the G-spot, there’s another area located at the back of the deepest part of the vagina near the cervix (the A-spot, Anterior Fornix erogenous zone). When stimulated through the tissue that separates your vagina from your rectum, this location can produce intense orgasms. is an international, question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, and edited by Internet users. The question, “Can women reach an orgasm from anal sex?“ was posted. Michael Reitano, Physician in Residence at Roman Health, answered the question with a good physiological explanation.

“The reason anal sex can be pleasurable is based on human anatomy and the pudendal nerve, which supplies the brain with sexual sensations from the pelvic region. The pudendal nerve (there are two of them, one on the right and one on the left) travels into the anogenital region within the pudendal canal, but it soon separates into branches. The first branch becomes the inferior rectal nerve and then the perineal nerve (which supplies sensation to that area between the genitals and the anus), eventually becoming the dorsal nerve of the clitoris in women and the dorsal nerve of the penis in males. It supplies sensation to the anal opening, the scrotum in men, and the labia in women. It is responsible for the swelling of the penis and the clitoris and is even responsible for the spasms of ejaculation.”

“Sexual sensations are not limited to the very specifically located regions most people think about. In fact, the clitoris extends from the small external organ with which people become intimately familiar (hopefully), but run internally far into the body along areas near the vaginal wall.” “The sexual sensations that may occur with stimulation of any of these nerves in these various locations can be unique and for some pleasurable.”

In the article “Are Anal Orgasms Real? Hell Yes, And Here Are 6 Ways To Get There,” from, it states, “stimulation of the anus, perineum, and rectum can engage the pelvic and pudendal nerves, which are implicated in the orgasmic response. The pudendal nerve also supplies the genitals with nerves and is thought to be most central to orgasm. The pelvic nerve connects the cervix, uterus, and prostate to the brain, and the hypogastric nerve relates to the vagina, cervix, and rectum. The role of the vagus nerve is less well understood, though research over the past decade has shown that some women with completely severed spinal cords can still experience orgasm and that the vagus nerve is the pathway,” says Patricia Johnson, co-author of Partners in Passion, Great Sex Made Simple, Tantra for Erotic Empowerment, and The Essence of Tantric Sexuality.

More Couples Are Having Anal Sex

NY Magazine published an article in December 2006 titled “The Bottom Line.” The article states that the Centers for Disease Control’s National Survey of Family Growth (2005) found that anal sex is rapidly becoming a regular feature of heterosexual couples’ horizontal activities.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) released a study titled “Heterosexual Anal and Oral Sex in Adolescents and Adults in the United States, 2011-2015.” The results state that overall, of women 15 to 44 years old, 33% tried anal sex (of a sample size of 11,152). Among the age group of 25 to 34, 40% had tried it. For the men, 38% of individuals between 15 to 44 years old (sample size 9,218) had ever engaged in anal sex. The age group of 20 to 24-year-olds featured the highest percentage at 46%.

Women’s Health magazine presented an article in August of 2015 titled “A Breakdown of the Women Most Likely to Try Anal Sex.” The article analyzed data from the National Survey of Family Growth and looked at a nationally representative sample of 10,463 straight, sexually active women between the ages of 15 and 44. Researchers discovered that 36% of the women surveyed said they had tried anal sex at least once in their lives and 13% had anal sex in the last year., an online sexual wellness magazine geared towards women, published an article in May 2018 titled, “The What and Why of Anal Sex,” which reported that 30-40% of heterosexual Americans have had anal sex, though many researchers think this number is underreported.

What countries are having the most anal sex and why?, a health site for men and women, published an article titled “Having Sex, from Chile to China.” that answered the question. reports that in 2014, Greece had the most sex out of all the countries with an average of 164 sexual encounters per year per person. The reason for this stat can be because Greece takes more time to socialize for fun and is obviously sexually open to new activities. Compared to a country like Japan, which has the least sex, probably since it is highly work-oriented, people spend less time socializing with the opposite sex, and people are less open to sexual exploration. Results from a Durex survey show that only 20% of respondents reported being open-minded about their sex life, with the average for 41 countries at 45%. This can be a precursor to boredom, 13% of Japanese respondents reported their sex is monotonous, with the average across all countries at 7%.

More People Are Searching on the Topic

People are highly interested in searching for the term “anal.” A Google Trends report from 2004 to the present indicated that on average the term “anal” has a higher search frequency than popular searches like those for the stock market, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and cooking. Beyoncé and Kim K. had periodic spikes above the term “anal,” for instance, when Kim K. “broke the Internet” in November 2014. Searches for the stock market had a huge spike during the COVID-19 pandemic. For clarification, search results for the term “anal” do not include when the word is combined with another to form a phrase with an entirely new meaning, like “anal itching.” The results are for the term on its own, which is usually understood to be shorthand for anal sex.

In the chart below, the frequency of a search for “anal” is about two-thirds as popular as the frequency for the term “XXX.”

You might think that the searches are largely performed by men. However, Men’s Health published an article entitled, “Pornhub Just Dropped Some VERY Interesting Stats About Women’s Porn Habits.” The 2019 study identified women’s top searched-for terms, and anal was one of the only three sexual acts searched for, the others being cream pie and lesbian scissoring. The other top terms were hentai and descriptions of women such as ebony, Asian, and Latina. None of the top terms were gentle sex, oral sex, massage, kissing, or romantic sex which are some of the top sex acts that women want as reported by Forbes or rough sex, squirting, bondage, threesome, or double penetration as reporting by Pornhub’s Popular With Women article.

PornHub Insights, a publication division that provides statistical research on search trends, published a report titled “What Women Want.” It provided an accompanying chart identifying the top categories women and men prefer. It was no surprise that anal was in the top 5 categories for men since it commonly stated as a top desired sexual act. What was a surprise is that anal was #8 for women. I believe it would be higher still if, again, they knew about a good introduction system.

A follow-up segment, “More of What Women Want,” illustrates categories viewed more by women compared to men. The chart below shows out of 15 categories, “double penetration” (anal and vaginal penetration) is ranked #8 and grew by 87% from the previous year’s study. Other categories that tend to incorporate anal sex are gangbangs, threesomes, and orgies, which are all part of the top 15 categories.

Popular Magazines Increased Their Coverage of the Topic

A tremendous indicator that anal sex is penetrating the social consciousness is the number of popular and credible magazines that are writing articles on the topic. Major magazines on health focused on women, pop culture, lifestyle, fitness, and psychology have written articles on anal sex. Here is a list of articles to scan from popular magazines that shows that awareness is building about the pleasure of anal sex for women.

Cosmopolitan: The 23 Biggest Misconceptions About Anal Sex

Shape: Best Anal Sex Toys

Women’s Health Mag: Anal Sex Guide

Glamour: Anal Sex

Marie Claire: Rise in Anal Sex Statistics

Allure: Beginner Butt Plug Anal Play Advice

Self: Starter Anal Sex Toys

Health: The 5 Best Anal Sex Positions for Women

HealthLine: How to Have an Anal Orgasm: 35 Tips for You and Your Partner

Psychology Today: Introducing a Different Kind of Play into Partner Sex

Vogue: Is Anal Sex No Longer Taboo

Goop (by Gweneth Paltrow) : Reality Check- Anal Sex

Harper’s Bazaar and People Mag on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Guide to Anal Sex.

Men’s Health: How Many Women Are Having Anal Sex

Ask Men: Women Who Have Anal Sex Are More Likely to Orgasm

GQ: A History of Anal Sex

Insider: 9 Questions About Anal Sex You’ve Been Too Afraid to Ask – Answered

Female Empowerment is Improving the Quality of Sex

As ideologies about equal rights and legislation have progressed, women have attained the opportunities to demonstrate that they are powerful business, political, and humanitarian leaders and proven to be better managers.

No longer do women have to stay in an unsatisfactory relationship for any reason, including sex. Women are empowered to take control of their happiness and pleasure.

Moreover, online/app dating services such as Match, OkCupid, Bumble, and Tinder provide a large selection of people to date. Options are vast for both partners, but especially for women. reports as of June 2020, Tinder’s user base is 72% male and 28% female. In addition, both partners can see what other people do during sex on adult sites that show real couples having sex, not professional porn actors, so that they can compare their experience versus others.

People of Faith Are Also Enjoying More Sexual Acts

Another reason why people are hesitant to engage in anal play is due to religious restrictions. However, more people of faith are engaging in a variety of sexual acts. According to an article published by PsychologyToday called, “Religion & Sexuality: Iron Age or Dark Ages?” written by Marty Klein, Ph.D., certified sex therapist and licensed psychotherapist, he states that guidelines about sex were formulated and distributed primarily between 1,200 B.C.E. and 800 C.E. The following acts were stated to be intrinsically evil and therefore, were always immoral, regardless of circumstances, intention, or purpose:*

  1. no sex before marriage
  2. no birth control (condom, female contraceptive, IUD, or surgery)
  3. no masturbation
  4. no manual sex/stimulation (when a hand, finger, tongue, or other part of the body is used to please one’s spouse)*
  5. no oral sex
  6. no sex with an object or device*
  7. no sexual fantasy
  8. no anal sex
  9. no sex outside marriage (if a spouse passes or after divorce)
  10. no sex during menstruation
  11. no abortion
  12. no same-gender sex
  13. no sex with more than one partner*
  14. no non-monogamy
  15. no marrying outside the religion

These guidelines are from a list reported in an article called “Sexual Sins within Marriage from, (Point 2, examples).

Most people in the U.S., including people of faith, have partaken in at least one of the first six. reports that “95% of Americans have had pre-marital sex”. For the remaining 5%, if you ever masturbated, manually stimulated their spouse, had oral sex, or used a toy, then I imagine that increases the percentage of people that have engaged in one or more of those acts to at least 99% of the U.S. population. reports that 92% of American men masturbate, and “78% of people do on a global scale”. In an article called “The State of Oral Sex in America” by, reported that a 2019 survey of 1008 U.S. citizens above 18 years old, showed 80.7% stated oral sex is pleasurable. At least that percentage is having oral sex, the actual percentage is higher since there were other answers with “yes” selected. reported that 78% of women own a vibrator.

The Institute for Family Studies ( published a study on the sexual activity of 4,969, never-married, evangelical young people, between 15 to 22, with 51% female and 49% male. The average percentage of females that engaged in oral sex in the age group between 18 to 22 across Evangelical Protestants, Mainline Protestants, Black Protestants, and Catholics was 69.5% for females and 71% for males. Engaging in anal sex was 21.75% for females and 18.75% for males., a Christian Life and Marriage site, surveyed 260 members regarding anal play and sex. For the question, “Do you practice anal play in your marriage?” 47% of respondents stated yes. Remember, only a sample size of 30 is needed to start forming a normal bell curve. Religious adults married for 10 to 14 years reported the highest engagement in anal play.

Finally, published an article called “Christian Couples Engaging in Kinky Sex, Including ‘Anal Play,’ Say It’s OK if It’s in Heterosexual Marriage.” The article covers the book Christians Under Cover: Evangelicals and Sexual Pleasure on the Internet. The book’s research focused on tens of thousands of Christians who sought sexual guidance, were heterosexual, married, monogamous, and did not look at pornography.

Burke found in her study was that even within the confines of Protestant heterosexual norms, Christians still found creative ways to explore a cornucopia of sexual interests. “For some, this means oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, the use of sex toys, the list could go on.”

Vice channel covered how Christian sex toy shops like Covenant Spice caters to sexual activity utilizing all orifices in marriage, including toys that promote “anal play as straight-friendly” for Christians. The husband and wife Christian owners of Covenant Spice provide the view below.

Sales of Anal Sex Toys Are Up

Another important indicator that more people are engaging in anal sexuality is the increase in anal toy sales. Google Trends chart below shows that searches for butt plugs have increased since 2004.

Babeland has seen an increase in anal-related sales. Between 2012 and 2015, the genre averaged about 5% growth per year. Forbes published an article in March 2020 titled “People Are Using Self-Isolation To Try Out New Sex Toys.” In the article, a spokesperson for Adam & Eve says, “We definitely think individuals and couples are self-soothing and looking for some de-stressors during these uncertain times. We’ve seen a jump in couples toys, and anal toys are quite popular.” I alone might have contributed 1% of national sex toy sales! 🙂

Anal Sex Reaches Other Levels of Soulful Experience and Releases Deep-Rooted Tension

Anal sex is also a way to reach deeper connections and release tension. In an article from titled “How to Raise Your Erotic Consciousness: Make Love On The 7 Chakras,” the author discusses how Kundalini energy can be skillfully blasted through each chakra (energy center), purifying it and opening it up. Kundalini is a form of divine feminine energy believed to be located at the base of the spine in the root chakra. When awakened, it leads to spiritual liberation and the release of deep-rooted tension. Anal sex can do this for a woman. The article explains, when you make love on the root chakra, you tap into your most vital being; you tap into your body. The root chakra connects with the earth, with vital earth energy. Bring your awareness to your perineum (the space between the vagina and the anus) and imagine you are moving into your primal being, of your wild nature.

Sex on this chakra is raw. Express that in your bedroom. Touch each other firmly, squeeze each other’s bodies. Have strong, powerful sex. Be wild, be bold, and don’t care what others may think of you. Opening the root chakra means deciding to be inside your body while you make love, be in the now. Anal sex can be scary for many people, but it can create a lot of healing on this level. posted an article titled “Anal Sex” by the Rev. Goddess Charmaine, where she states, “Opening my ass for pleasure purged the shit (bad thoughts) that no longer could keep me in bondage!

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