What are the benefits?

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The solution is not about trying to convince a woman to do anal by talking her into trying it. The solution is to arouse and pleasure the body and mind simultaneously to provide consistent and amazing pleasure to take her from “no way that’s going to feel good” or “maybe” to “OMG that feels incredible!!!” In summary, the benefits of loving to pleasure patiently throughout the process and anal play are:

  1. Provide a lot of erotic fun for both partners.
  2. Give women the most incredible orgasms of their lives from anal sexuality and arousing multiple erogenous zones.
  3. Enable a man to pleasurably introduce a woman to love anal sexuality and enjoy all of the hot sex that comes with it.
  4. Significantly increase the sense of novelty and excitement in your love and sex life.
  5. Reach a very deep level of intimacy and passion.
  6. It more than doubles a couple’s sexual activities and you’ll learn exciting techniques for oral, anal, and vaginal intercourse.
  7. Build better trust and communication in your sex life.