The What and The How

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This book demonstrates scientific research that shows women have stronger and more intense orgasms from anal sex. The content provides a proven, pleasurable, and caring method to arouse a woman’s body and mind so she can experience her ultimate orgasms and sexuality, especially through anal stimulation. This is a detailed step-by-step guide that gradually and painlessly enables couples to enjoy the pleasures of anal sexuality. Illustrations with explanations demonstrate what to do and how to take it slow while building trust with her so she experiences only pleasure. The content will address:

– Psychological and physical concerns
– Communication
– Building trust
– Strategy—how to give her exciting pleasure, one small step at a time
– Preparation for anal sex
– The right toys to use
– Lube comparisons
– Hygiene and techniques to feel, smell, taste, and be deliciously clean
– Advanced techniques—Thrilling cunnilingus, vaginal and anal play techniques and positions for hot erotic experiences

There are illustrations with explanations on what to do and how to take it slow to build trust with her, so