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The content is design for a woman who is curious or scared of trying anal stimulation and sex, has never tried it, or did try it, but it was a bad experience. Also, for a man who tried introducing anal sex to their partner, but it did not go well. However, he still wants to introduce anal sex into their love life in a manner that will feel good to her. Or he has not tried it but wants to. Moreover, for long-term couples that feel their sex life has become monotonous, they lost the intimacy they used to have and want to ignite their passion again.

Many people are curious, but many have psychological barriers, and some have health concerns. I address the prominent issues and provide solutions for those concerns. If the process I provide is performed with affectionate sensuality and erotic passion, a woman will experience a highly emotional and profound pleasure.

Both partners will enjoy every session and create incredibly satisfying sexual experiences throughout the process. Adding this sexual delight will make you both happier in your sex life because it more than doubles the number of activities to savor.

Anal play will spice up your love life and bring you closer if it is introduced right. If done wrong, it will bring regret, so do not just scan the content and images, dig in to the details. Once a woman starts experiencing the simultaneous stimulation of multiple erogenous zones, she will be aroused into having explosive full-body orgasms with you!