A new release!

Over the last decade, I continued to create new techniques that led to an even more pleasurable experience throughout the system, especially in the entry process. From feedback on the improved process, it was recommended that I update the book with the new pleasuring techniques. There are more illustrations, and the 82 instructional illustrations have been redrawn by new artists. And there are new toys and lubes in Chapter Four.

I continued to conduct research, and on a warm spring day during the first COVID-19 lockdown, I discovered scientific studies that found anal sex enables women to have more and stronger orgasms. Therefore, I embarked on a master’s-level research project. Well, it felt like it, from the number of resources I studied (resources listed in – Isn’t this information online for free). After reviewing the content and studies, I compiled the most compelling research in Section 1.6 with all sources linked. Also, more research is incorporated throughout the book. No other resources present this disparate data in one location. Therefore, I revamped the book with the research and my new techniques to help couples with a better system and scientific data to provide more credibility of anal sexuality’s ability to give intense pleasure and orgasms!