How can a man write a book about the best method to introduce anal sexuality to woman?

This is a frequently asked question because some people say it’s not the man having the experience of possible discomfort or embarrassment. I’ll explain my experience in developing a solution to this topic.

Although I developed the system and techniques, the methodology and effectiveness have evolved with the help, love, and feedback of relationships/experiences I’ve had over the past 30 years. These have included different communication scenarios, concerns, physical differences, responses to stimulation, testing, and lessons learned. The male perspective provided valuable lessons of what to do and not because a penis fluctuates in size at random times and pulsates during orgasms. To develop a proven solution for introducing anal sex, it is helpful to have been in different relationships with women whose views on the topic were, “NO WAY you’re going in there!” or “that’s never going to happen, please lose my number!” Most women I’ve dated (90 %) had this initial reaction. These women felt that way because they had tried it before with a flawed process, heard it’s painful, the hygiene factor, or thought it’s taboo or forbidden.

After experiencing this method, these same women grew to love the caring, trust-building, and pleasurable process across multiple nights and led them to crave the intense orgasms from anal sex. These women are the book’s most prominent supporters because the process focuses on patience, compassion, and is all about their pleasure. They inspired me to innovate, they provided their feedback to make sure the process/techniques felt good, and they helped further my purpose of helping women and couples around the world enjoy this sexual delight. Therefore, the advice is from a couple’s perspective.

The immense work invested in authoring this book was to make a positive difference in peoples’ sex lives.