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Continuation from the page Her Ultimate Pleasure – What are the credentials and credibility to write on this topic. The second reason I wrote this book because creating new sexual experiences is a core passion of mine. My story starts many moons ago. Ever since I was very young, I have been highly interested in sex. When others played with GI Joe, I was trying to kiss the girl I had a crush on. I was just a child and had to be creative to come up with games and activities.

Another aspect of my life that has empowered my ability to innovate is that I have had to solve various health problems, from heart problems and surgeries since I was eight years old to broken bones, wound infections, and joint dislocations. I was a bit of an adventurer/daredevil in my younger days. But I’ve grown out of my rambling ways (quote from the Black Keys – I Got Mine). Necessity is definitely the mother of invention. I have had lots of necessities, and therefore, I have had to develop strong invention skills.

Throughout my life, I have applied creativity to many endeavors and especially sexuality. I LOVE to create sexual experiences, design fantasies, and pleasure the woman in my heart. Designing new experiences typically starts at Home Depot! A construction supply store for those outside of the U.S. I walk in, and the reps say, DeCitore is here! Yes, it’s him, and he’s got a big ole grin on his face! You know he’s not fixing a bathroom or kitchen sink! He’s on the move! Follow him; he’s headed to the ceiling hooks, ropes, and tie-downs! Kidding aside, I do go to Home Depot or Lowes to create fantasies, and once the set-up is done, you can hide and re-use.

In my twenties, I read dozens of books on sex, and when the Internet came about, I conducted lots of online research. I attained undergrad education and in my thirties, I completed a masters; therefore, my research skills have been well-honed, and I continued my research on sexuality.

In my late thirties, a girlfriend stated that I should write a book to help couples that are new to anal sex have a good experience. Before our relationship, she had a bad experience and thought she never wanted to try again. However, she enjoyed the process I had developed and thereupon loved anal sex from the pleasure and powerful orgasms that she had. She thought other couples would benefit from the process. Writing the content became a passion project to help couples and women have a good experience with anal stimulation and sex, and not the typical bad one.

That kicked my research into turbo to see if there was a good solution already in the market. From my MBA training, I did a thorough competitive analysis of the market to ensure my content had differentiated value. It turned out there were many books and resources on the market, but only two books were top sellers. Although, neither of them or the other books and resources I found covered the introduction phase well. Thus, why women still had bad experiences.

I bought many books and DVDs, watched online videos, read lots of articles, and attended sex conferences to see what in-person classes had to offer. It turned out that I did have a differentiated solution. Therefore, I launched the book in December of 2010. To my surprise and delight, it started climbing in sales by February, and by mid-March, it was the number one selling book on the subject of anal sex in the U.S. It reached a rank of #3 in the Psychology of Sexuality out of all sex books. It climbed to an Amazon sales rank in the low 4,000s and was the #1 selling book on anal sex on Amazon every day until April of 2012.

Then, Amazon type-casted all authors on the topic of anal sex as “adult.” Books on the topic would no longer be found in an All Departments search or be promoted in the Customers Also Bought recommendation engine. That ruined sales for all of the authors on the topic. The book made over $200,000 in revenues within two years, and I received nice feedback from a range of young to older couples across 12 countries. A couple in their sixties from Canada wrote me a thankful review. I received similar reviews from Brazil, Japan, and India. Older couples appreciated a caring solution to spice up their love life. With the advent of Viagra, couples are having sex well into their later years.

After a decade, I updated the book with an even better system (explained in Content Insights). Moreover, I wrote a new book called Sex On A New Level – The Art of Creating and Introducing New Sexual Experiences for a Lifetime of Exciting sex. © 2020, Release in 2021. It has been a passion project to share content on detailed techniques and erotic sex experiences to increase excitement in short or long-term relationships. With over 30 years of creating various sexual fantasies and stimulation techniques, I am confident I can share information that will help some couples and hope I will make a positive difference in inspiring a passion for conceiving creative sexual experiences.